Complex rehabilitation and development trainings carried out with special equipments and methods adjusted to the patients' individual conditions. Consecutive trainings combining the intensive, additional and follow-up therapies

  • Intesive Training with special equipments (TheraSuit, Theratogs, Spider, etc.)
  • Intensive Pedagogy Spiral Program
  • Hand therapy
  • Sensory integration
  • Conductive Plus

Intensive Training

1-8 weeks long intensive therapy, locomotion and neuromotor rehabilitation carried out in 2-5 hour sessions per day conducted by individual needs. Besides the Bobath concept the combination of several methods ensures the maximum of development. During the training the therapists use special equipments as the TheraSuit and Theratogs suits, the TherapyGrid, the Spider, Kinesiotape, etc. The program contains the elements of the CP specific sensory integration therapy, the hand therapy, vision development, somato-motor development. Cheerful and playful exercises make it easier for the patients. This intensive therapy is recommended from age 2 and holds an efficient solution for late or stagnated locomotive periods, also an addition to the preparation or rehabilitation period of orthopedic or neurosurgeries.


A dynamic equipment to support the perceiving of the body's position, to improve the posture and to strengthen the muscles. The therapist use it during a program containing intensive exercises to accelerate and optimize the child's development.

The TheraSuit intensive training's impacts:

  • improves the body's inner perception, the balance and the functions of central nervous system
  • strengthens the muscles and ensures the inner stabilization of the body
  • reduces pathological reflexes, reproduces the appropriate locomotion
  • accelerates the newly adopted development of functional motilities


A special dynamic orthosis which improves the posture and corrects the positioning of the body and limbs, helps the settling without hindering free movements. A very useful equipment during therapies and can also be used at home. If required we can help the purchasing and train how to use.

Hand therapy

The goal of hand therapy is to improve the fine locomotion and the arms' functioning and also to improve the precise movements of the hand and the fingers. This therapy teaches activities which helps the children to become self-contained and independent. By the individually designed exercises the following skills can be improved:

  • the upper limbs locomotive skills
  • dexterity, hand and palm functions
  • holding, gripping skills, precision holds
  • synchronizing the two hands, concentration
  • synchronizing the sight and locomotive skills
  • earning body-schemes

Sensory Integration Therapy

The Sensory Integration Therapy is to aim the maturation of the nervous system resulting the improvement of locomotion, balance, concentration and many other areas. The goal is to fix the natural reactions of the nervous system in case of disorders of sensory integration. The therapists work mainly on balance, touching and deep perception. These areas play the biggest role in the development of nervous system and locomotion, also in the development of personality. Since this is a part of the complex vestibular system therefore its maturity and operation also affect the cognitive functions. The effects of therapy:

  • improves balance, inner perception and spatial orientation
  • increases attention and concentration, improves understanding of perception, delivers better emotional functions
  • improves the body's locomotive efficiency and fine locomotion
  • improves conduction of limbs, arranges symmetric and asymmetric movements
  • delivers better consciousness and self-esteem

Conductive Plus

As an additional therapy to Intensive Training the Conductive Plus provides an efficient opportunity to complete the skills of children with changed developmental course and improve their quality of life. They can deepen their understanding of the information received during the intensive therapy by conductive pedagogical method, make it more conscious and better conceived. Due to its complexity it strengthens the child's locomotive, communicative and cognitive skills together with evolving the child's emotional, social and independent realm. During the balance-specific exercises the awakening of the inner motivation and applying the appropriate rhythm helps the cognitive processes and the regeneration of the damaged nervous system.
And to make it part of the child's everyday life all the achievements of our therapies are supported by consultancy and communication of the correspondent institutions the child attends.

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